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Tim Ringsdore

Tim Ringsdore

Chief Executive & Board Member

Tim is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning the realms of television, telecommunications, and regulatory governance. Born and raised in Jersey, his journey began in the television industry, where he dedicated 24 years to crafting captivating documentaries and wildlife programmes, taking him on adventures across the globe.

In the year 2000, Tim transitioned into the telecommunications sector, ascending to the role of Managing Director at JT, with operations in Jersey, Guernsey, and the UK. His expertise and leadership prowess then led him to the British Virgin Islands, where he assumed the position of Managing Director at Flow.

Driven by a desire to return to his roots, Tim made the decision to relocate back to Jersey in 2018. Since then, he has been a driving force at the JCRA (The Authority), where he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer, a position he assumed in 2021.

Tim's professional ethos revolves around achieving tangible results by aligning strategic objectives with operational excellence. At the Authority, his focus lies in steering the organization towards effectiveness and efficiency, while actively supporting the economic goals set by the government of Jersey. He is deeply committed to ensuring that consumers benefit from optimal value, choice, and access to top-tier services, all while championing competition and safeguarding consumer interests.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Tim's commitment to excellence extends to his involvement in charitable initiatives. As the Chair of Sanctuary Trust, he plays a pivotal role in supporting homeless men within the community, underscoring his dedication to making a positive impact beyond the boardroom.

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