General background

Who we are?

JCRA (the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority). We are independent of the States of Jersey.

We employ 6 staff and have offices in St Helier.


Our responsibilities encompass both competition law and economic regulation.

Specifically we are responsible for the administration and enforcement of competition law within Jersey, together with the economic regulation of the telecom, ports and postal sectors.

Our strategic aims

Competition law - ensuring markets work well for consumers
Telecoms - ensuring telecoms markets work in the best interests of consumers, through effective competition where appropriate; and regulation where competition is not sufficient to adequately protect consumer interests
Ports - to protect and further the interests of users of port operations, where appropriate by promoting competition
Post - to ensure that quality of service standards to customers are observed; and universal service obligations are met.

Our Strategic Aims document provides more detail including on our prioritisation.

Who we work with

We work in partnership with a range of organisations across the Channel Islands, the UK and internationally. These include:

The Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (JCRA) exists to promote competition and
regulate certain sectors of the economy, in the interests of consumers and businesses.
Channel Eye have joined forces with the JCRA team to highlight their role and what it means
for you.

Tim Ringsdore, Chief Executive Officer, JCRA introduces the key goals and aims of the JCRA, following its separation from CICRA, the pan-island body. He also introduces the Strategic Plan.  

Peter Hetherington, Senior Economic Case Officer introduces the JCRA’s Market Study programme and explains what these are designed to achieve.

Stephanie Liston, Chair, shares the highlights of the JCRA’s first year, and how it is going to support Jersey businesses and consumers going forward.

Rory Graham, General Counsel, talks about what influences the work of the JCRA.

Sarah Price, Senior Case Officer explains why competition is important for us all and how the JCRA can help.

 Claire Kybett, Finance Officer explains how the JCRA follows best practice in everything they do.

Tim Ringsdore explains how the JCRA ensures it’s meeting its core goal of safeguarding consumers through effective competition and regulation. 

Peter Hetherington, Senior Economic Case Officer discusses the work that the JCRA does in the Telecoms sector.

Sarah Price, Senior Case Officer at the JCRA discusses the work that the JCRA does in regulating the ports.

Ian Ronayne, Senior Case Officer discusses what the JCRA does in regulating postal services